RateX.AI – Tracker for Cryptocurrencies
At Technocrati, we encountered a project from RateX Network that promised to mark a new twist in the market's innovative development. RateX Network approached us with the task of developing the RateX.AI product - a Bloomberg terminal analog for cryptocurrencies, requiring not just technical expertise but also a strategic vision.
Initially, the RateX.AI project faced serious issues: lack of source code, low product quality, unpredictable development, and problems in management and communication between participants. Additionally, there was a lack of legal clarity regarding the source codes, accompanied by the previous contractors' opaque pricing policy.
Technocrati took on the role of not just a contractor but also a strategic partner for RateX Network. Our first step was to conduct a comprehensive audit of the RateX.AI project to accurately determine the current state of affairs and develop a further development strategy. We rethought the main processes, system architecture, and created a detailed plan for the next six months, including assembling the team necessary for the project's realization.
Diving into the Essence of the Project
The next task was to deeply understand the essence of the RateX.AI project from RateX Network. We faced a startup aimed at analyzing financial data in the blockchain and behavioral patterns of users outside the internet, combining on-chain and off-chain analytics. We conducted a thorough analysis of the idea's validity, relying on our experience and knowledge. This was an unconventional challenge, but thanks to our extensive experience in starting up startups, we proposed an effective solution. An optimal architecture was developed, and a development plan for the next six months was compiled, including assembling the necessary team and organizing the entire development process.
The Technocrati team, consisting of 14 developers, focused on building an efficient SDLC process for RateX.AI, allowing the alpha version of the product to be launched in a tight timeframe. We applied best project management practices, including the GitFlow methodology, creating GitLab, and setting up a CICD process. These measures allowed us not only to optimize development but also to ensure the high quality of the final RateX.AI product. The entire development process was organized, and the launch of the alpha version of the product, during which 80 terabytes of data were processed, allowed attracting additional investments.
As a result of our work, the RateX.AI project not only emerged from the crisis but also significantly increased its valuation from 3 to 14 million dollars, successfully attracting a new round of investments. At Technocrati, we are proud to have not only restored the project from RateX Network but also taken it to a new level, affirming our reputation as a reliable partner capable of solving tasks of any complexity. Our approach to each project is a combination of innovative thinking, technical expertise, and strategic planning, thanks to which we help our clients achieve outstanding results.