Technocrati is the all-inclusive tech and business service integrator for software engineering, digital solutions, tech recruitment and IT consulting. All in “One Window”.

About Technocrati

We are a German-based all-inclusive technology and business service integrator with offices in Berlin and Limassol.

With over two decades of experience, we've accumulated vast expertise in business modeling, organizational design, IT services, software engineering, HR, and tech consulting.

Our diverse clientele hails from Banking, Finance, Telco, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Manufacturing, Automotive, Oil & Gas, E-commerce, and Engineering sectors.

We aim to solve the problem of dealing with multiple vendors and suppliers, which often leads to a multiplication of communication channels, extended production cycles, accounting and payment chaos, and increased service costs. Our "one window, multimodal service hub" approach helps by:

  1) Formulating tasks and finding suitable solutions quickly, saving the client time and effort.

  2) Engaging multiple functional teams simultaneously, enhancing problem-solving efficiency and reducing communication overhead.

 3) Delivering comprehensive results in each case, helping clients reduce ongoing costs and minimize unnecessary expenses.

At Technocrati, we combine technical expertise with consulting acumen to streamline your tech needs and drive your business forward with confidence.

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