Technocrati is the all-inclusive tech and business service integrator for software engineering, digital solutions, tech recruitment and IT consulting. All in “One Window”.
Client Success Stories
Technocrati successfully implemented an AI-driven meal planning solution for Foodlabs, overcoming technical complexities and delivering a fully functional app within three months, enabling sustainable growth in the foodtech industry.
Technocrati transformed RateX.AI from crisis to success, increasing its valuation from $3 to $14 million and attracting new investments by implementing a strategic development plan, optimizing processes, and assembling a dedicated team of 14 developers, showcasing our ability to tackle complex challenges and drive exceptional outcomes for our clients.
Technocrati collaborated with Neurodrossel to swiftly develop and deploy a robust Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within 7 weeks, enabling their entry into the market and securing pilot projects with leading data centers.
Technocrati swiftly provided expert validation for Angel ID's innovative platform by delivering a robust proof of concept within two weeks, paving the way for the development of the MVP and demonstrating the transformative potential of precise technical expertise.
Technocrati's comprehensive development of ASN.1 Tools, including compilers, libraries, and XML frameworks, enabled a leading telecommunications company to enhance operational efficiency, boost market competitiveness, and secure a commanding 80% share in ASN.1 solutions sales, solidifying their position as an industry leader.
Technocrati developed a sophisticated IoT solution for a German startup, enabling precise monitoring and analysis of home electricity consumption within 2.5 months, empowering users with insights into energy usage and promoting sustainable practices in the smart home industry.
Technocrati developed a sophisticated Smart Sensor Alarm System, empowering users with real-time monitoring and enhanced security capabilities for a wide range of assets, positioning the startup at the forefront of the IoT and security industries and setting a new standard in security monitoring.
Technocrati spearheaded the development of an IoT-based Smart Sensor System, elevating asset security by integrating advanced sensor technology with user-friendly mobile and web applications, positioning the startup as a leader in the security and IoT industries and paving the way for future innovations.
Technocrati pioneered a comprehensive remote schooling solution for McNolia BV and Bednet, facilitating distance education through IP video conferencing, enhancing inclusivity, and ensuring educational continuity for students facing physical absences, positioning Technocrati as a leader in educational technology solutions.