Smart Monitoring of Home Electricity Consumption via IoT
The Challenge
In Germany, an increasing number of households and property owners are turning to renewable energy sources, such as solar batteries and cogeneration units. A burgeoning German IT startup focused on software development for smart homes identified a significant opportunity to enhance how these households monitor and manage their energy consumption. The challenge was to develop a comprehensive solution that not only tracked energy and heat generation but also analyzed the financial benefits of using these private power sources.
Technocrati was entrusted with the development of this cutting-edge solution, tailored specifically for energy-conscious households, farmers, and other property owners. Our team undertook the project with a clear focus on delivering a user-friendly, informative, and efficient system. We handled every aspect of the development process, from initial concept to final testing. Key tasks included preparing a test bench, studying and integrating low-level sensors, designing the database structure and business logic, and developing a seamless web application.
Project Description
Sensor Integration and Data Collection: Implementation of code to read data from various sensors including impulse and 1-wire sensors, utilizing Wi-Fi and USB data collection units.

Software Development: Design and implementation of a backend using Django, Python, and PostgreSQL, paired with a frontend developed in Angular and TypeScript.

Testing and Deployment: Comprehensive testing was conducted to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the system, which is now in active use for testing purposes in select households.
Technologies Used
The project utilized modern and efficient technologies suitable for robust IoT solutions, including Raspberry Pi and Raspbian OS for the hardware framework, Django and Python for backend development, PostgreSQL for database management, and Angular with TypeScript for the frontend design.
Within just 2.5 months, our team of three developers successfully delivered a highly functional and sophisticated energy management system. This IoT solution enables users to precisely monitor their energy usage and understand the economic impacts of their energy choices, thereby promoting more informed decisions and efficient energy use.
Benefits for the Customer
The startup has significantly enhanced its offering in the smart home industry, empowering users with detailed insights into their energy consumption and savings. By leveraging Technocrati’s IoT expertise, the startup is now better positioned to lead in the competitive market of energy-efficient solutions. This project not only underscores Technocrati’s capability in delivering complex IoT solutions swiftly and effectively but also highlights our commitment to promoting sustainable energy practices through innovative technology.