A Product Line for Telecommunication Protocols Using ASN.1 and XSD
The Challenge
A leading IT company in the USA, specializing in software development for the telecommunications industry, faced the daunting task of accelerating and simplifying the development of telecom equipment and services. They needed sophisticated tools to handle various telecommunications protocols, yet lacked the internal resources to develop these complex solutions.
Technocrati stepped forward to spearhead the comprehensive development of ASN.1 Tools — specific compilers and libraries designed for the telecommunications sector. Our project encompassed not only the enhancement and support of existing ASN.1 product lines but also the creation of a new product line focused on XML and Web Services frameworks. These were tailored for C, C++, and Java, leveraging the foundational ASN.1 compiler and runtime systems. Our commitment extended to software porting to various operating systems, developing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for ASN.1 syntax, and providing extensive documentation and customer support.
Project Scope
Development and Support: Ongoing enhancement of ASN.1 compilers and libraries for C, C++, Java, and C#. Introduction of XML and Web Services frameworks.

Software Porting: Adaptation of software for general-purpose operating systems and embedded systems.

Tooling: Creation of an IDE for editing, verifying, and compiling ASN.1 syntax into multiple programming languages, alongside tools for decoding data formats and their display.

Documentation and Support: Comprehensive documenting of the processes and continuous customer support.
Technologies and Standards
The project utilized a wide array of technologies, including ANSI C, C++, Java, C#, and Perl, aligning with ITU-T and W3C standards. Our development was grounded in sophisticated compiler implementation technologies and supported by an independently developed regression testing system.
The project, extending over 14 years with a dedicated team of 22 developers, successfully integrated over 1.1 million lines of C code, along with substantial Java and C++ components. As a result of our collaboration, the customer's market share surged, commanding 8 out of 10 sales in ASN.1 solutions. The new additions to their product line, including XML/XSD solutions and an ASN.1 IDE, significantly enhanced their market offerings. The solutions not only met high-performance standards but also were certified according to the international aviation standard DO-178B, Level C, ensuring reliability and safety.
Benefits for the Customer
The comprehensive solutions provided by Technocrati allowed the client to significantly boost their operational efficiency and market competitiveness. By offloading the technical development to our team, the client could focus more on strategic planning, marketing, and sales, ensuring their position as a leader in the telecommunications industry. The adaptability of our solutions also meant that the client could extend their reach without incurring significant additional costs, thereby maximizing ROI and market penetration.